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North & South Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant Hong Kong


+852 2494 7000

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Opening Hours

11am - 11pm

North & South Indian
Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in
Tin Hau Hong Kong

Haveli has been one of this city's most innovative restaurants. It is completely vegetarian and it uses only fresh, natural ingredients. Menus are changed quarterly to take full advantage of seasonally available fruits and vegetables and there are no artificial ingredients or colourants used.

Haveli has pioneered other fields in its fascinating development. Beginning in the early '70s by introducing ideas from Japanese, Chinese and Thai culinary traditions. In style, vegetarian cuisine has always been East-West even before this term became the familiar way to describe cooking . Today this restaurant's wide appeal rests on its expertise in creating meals which are light but satisfying, natural but attentively detailed in their preparation and presentation. In keeping with its original Indian inspiration, the interior design of Haveli uses basic village tones and simple furnishings.

Haveli serves a very amazing combination of a variety of North & South Indian dishes with touch of indo Chinese Menu .The restaurant is the continuation of the legacy passed on to Mr. Amit Chopra, CEO of Apple Hospitality Limited. It dates back to the 1800's, When Diwan Sawan Mal Chopra was the governor of Lahore and Multan. 

Diwan Mulraj Chopra, one of the sons of Diwan sawan Mal Chopra, was the leader of the sikh rebellions against the British from Multan . The future genarations continued to take such respectable positions in society until the partition of India and Pakistan. "Diwan" surname in India belongs to high caste Hindu or Sikh people. Hence, Diwan Amit Chopra being the eldest son of the 8th generation believes that it's his duty to pass on the legacy he inherits from his ancestors.

Haveli, as a result is not simply a restaurant with a very fancy theme but it represents the ongoing values and lifestyle that the Diwans have inheritated. The restaurant gives a royal touch in each and ites every element. From the color and design of the curtains to the antiques showpieces from different parts of india, Haveli, displays the royal lifestyle of Diwans back in pakistan almost 2 centuries ago. On the whole the classic recipes crafted with great expertise and the variety of sweet dishes, never fail to give customers a chance to experience royalty at its finest.